Come work with us to build a more sustainable world!
We connect the world of aluminum to people’s daily lives.

We seek talents who believe in what we do and are keen to embark on this journey with us. We value team spirit, a sense of ownership, ambition for progress and individual differences. We believe diverse ideas, thinking, experiences and backgrounds make us a more innovative and competitive team that is able to respond to the demands of a changing market, society and planet.

Our job opportunities are agnostic to gender, color/race, ethnicity, disability, age, ancestry, citizenship status, family or marital status, gender identity or expression, nationality, political affiliation, religion, sexual orientation, or any other aspects of diversity. We aspire to lead in everything we do. To achieve this, we will pool efforts, rethink the way we do things every day, and grow together with our employees. #JoinCBA!

A people-centric approach
We have been ranked among the
Best Workplaces in Brazil since 2019.

At home or at the office

We offer a hybrid working model, allowing employees to combine onsite and offsite work.

At #OurCBA, employees can choose to work some days at home and other days at our offices. This allows them to spend more time with their families and less time in traffic. A better work-life balance reduces stress and makes us more productive.

Our benefits
Health and dental insurance

Health insurance with an extensive provider network and both medical and dental services.

Pregnancy Program

Support for mothers from positive pregnancy test through their babies’ first six months of life, including advice on each stage of pregnancy and tips on newborn care. For female employees and employees’ wives and daughters.

Extended maternity leave

120 days foreseen in the CLT + 60 days by the citizen company program.

Extended Paternity Leave

5 days provided for in the CLT + 20 days for the citizen company program + 10 days for liberality.

Childcare assistance

For women and breast-feeding lounges.

Health Space

An exclusive health clinic for employees at the Alumínio plant, run in partnership with the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital. The clinic offers doctor’s appointments, blood collection for testing via Fleury, laboratory tests and other procedures.

It's Corona

A 24/7 hotline in which nurses answer questions about flu and coronavirus symptoms and provide health advice.

Fitness activities

Gympass, road runs and sports competitions.

Nutrition advice

Nutrition consultations and support.


Advice on following a healthy diet, mental health and hearing health.


Preventive health campaigns, including flu vaccination, DST/AIDS awareness, cancer prevention.

Special support

For people with hypertension, diabetes, obesity, sedentary lifestyles, smokers and people with mental disorders.


Meal vouchers or cafeteria service, depending on the site.


Grocery kits or vouchers, depending on the site

Christmas benefit

A shopping voucher card that replaces the physical Christmas basket, as well as a gift for the children of employees up to 10 years old.


Chartered buses or bus tickets, depending on the site.


Partnerships with universities: discounts for undergraduate, graduate, specialization, MBA and doctoral programs.

Life insurance

Ensuring needed support for employees’ families

Private pension

Private pension plans as a long-term investment.

Employee Assistance Program

Confidential counseling on day-to-day or delicate matters, including psychological, legal, financial and social counseling.

Join CBA

Go to CBA’s recruitment and selection platform and learn about available opportunities. Upload your resume to our talent database and your profile will be matched to any future opportunities.

Here are some frequent questions and answers and tips about our recruiting and selection process.
Why is it important to complete the entire application form?

Candidates use the Gupy platform to apply for vacancies at CBA. At this stage, it is important that you complete the application form and tests as carefully and completely as possible. Due to the large number of applicants, the platform will automatically compare applicant information with the job requirements, and select the best matches for the specified requirements. The more detailed, clear and accurate your application, the better your chances of ranking well on the candidate shortlist and being invited for an interview.

What is a matching profile?

A matching profile is one that meets the job description. For example, a matching profile will have the right educational background, relevant additional courses and experience in similar positions. To ensure your profile matches the position, be sure to read the vacancy description carefully, including the specified job prerequisites, and only apply for the positions that fully match your profile.

I’ve completed my application, submitted my documents and completed other request procedures. Have I been approved for the vacancy?

Delivering your application documents and completing other requested procedures at any other stage does not mean you have been approved for the vacancy. The recruiting process only ends when you are contacted by the DHO department to formalize the job offer.

Is complete information also important on Linkedln?

The more complete and informative your Linkedln profile is, the more it will stand out to our DHO team. Always provide complete information on your academic background, courses, certifications, professional summary, any projects you have participated in, the languages you speak, and other information. Remember to add keywords so it is easier to find you.

I’ve completed my application. Now what?

After you’ve completed your application, CBA will review the submitted resumes. The best matches for the available vacancy will be invited to an interview with the DHO department. Other applicants are kept in our talent database and may be subsequently invited if the vacancy is not filled by the first-invited candidates, or new vacancies are opened that match their profiles.

How long does the selection process take on average?

Available vacancies are advertised externally over at least five business days. Our recruiting process takes an average of: 34 business days for up to 30 available operational positions 45 business days for up to 13 available professional positions 60 business days for up to 5 available leadership positions. Within these periods, all applicants have a chance to be contacted. When these periods have expired, the vacancies will have been filled.

Valnei Avelino dos Santos
Integrated Systems Consultant
"“Being able to work in different functions and activities and with different managers at CBA has provided valuable learning opportunities, and a comprehensive understanding of the different processes. I’ve been with the company for nearly 37 years. I started as an office boy, and have held positions as an archive clerk, office assistant, telex operator, and computer operator. In 1997 my training led to a position in the IT department. I then moved on to positions in the Commercial Strategy and Commercial Management functions before returning to the IT department, where I have found new challenges and a new vision for the future.”
Fabio Alberto Raimundo
Chemical Laboratory Manager
“I joined CBA in 2002 as a Smelter assistant, a position where I learned a lot. Six months later, realizing there were opportunities for career growth, I went back to my studies and took a chemistry technician course. Even while doing shift work, I still had the opportunity to study. One year later, I was promoted to production operator as I continued my studies. In 2004, I completed the course and applied for an internship position at the Chemical Laboratory. That’s when a vacancy opened for a chemistry analyst, and I applied successfully. I joined the laboratory team and was later transferred to the smelter laboratory as a chemistry analyst, a dream come true.”
Leandra Pimentel de Almeida
Heavy Machinery Operator
“There’s lots I could highlight about my experience with CBA, but I think what most stands out to me is the way safety is addressed here and how we look after each other. Thanks to CBA, I now have a whole new outlook on safety. My interpersonal skills have improved greatly, and I’ve learned a lot. I’m grateful to God and to CBA for the opportunity.”
Leandra Pimentel de Almeida
Heavy Machinery Operator
Valnei Avelino dos Santos
Integrated Systems Consultant
Fabio Alberto Raimundo
Chemical Laboratory Manager
Fabio Alberto Raimundo
Chemical Laboratory Manager
Leandra Pimentel de Almeida
Heavy Machinery Operator
Valnei Avelino dos Santos
Integrated Systems Consultant